Midstate Minute Update October 2018


Faxton St. Luke’s EMS Program Agency                       Midstate REMSCO


To keep Midstate EMS Providers and Agencies informed the Program Agency and REMSCO will publish this single page “Midstate Minute Update” the first of each month.  It is intended to provide Midstate EMS Providers with useful accurate and up to date EMS State Regional and Educational information.

NYS Critical Care to Paramedic Bridge

NYS Bureau of EMS announced the long-awaited on-line bridge from Critical Care to Paramedic would start accepting applications in January of 2019.  The program sponsor Northwell Health announced the program tuition is expected to be $1500, the one-year program will be broken down into 6 modules that are intended to cover “gap material only” between the critical care and paramedic programs.  All participants will use national standard fisdap module exams and at the completion, will complete the NYS Paramedic Practical Skills and Written Examination.  Skills (5 additional skills) and Practical exams will be available at participating and approved NYS Course Sponsors.  Follow the midstaeems.org website for additional information

American Heart Association completion cards

The American Heart Association has moved to electronic completion cards for American Heart Association Heart saver, Healthcare Provider CPR, Pediatric Advanced Life Support PALS and Advanced Life Support ACLS programs.  The transition from paper to electronic will allow students to download and print a “paper card” after completion.  A email address is required at the time of class registration.

CME Program update

The Bureau announced that a revision to the New York State Continuing Education Program at Vital Signs last year.  The program is expected to more closely in line with National Standards for re-certification.  Last week we received word that the update is nearly complete, and we should look for updated requirements in the next month.  In the meantime, providers should continue using and complete the appropriate level state paperwork. 

Raymond Thielke

Midstate REMSCO member Paramedic Ray Thielke passed away after a long illness on September 1.  Ray had been a long-time active member of Greater Lenox Ambulance, Instructor Coordinator, Bureau of EMS Senior Staff Representative and a talented musician as well as a former New York City Paramedic.  Our region and state will miss Ray and offer sincere condolences to this family and friends.

REMSCO Meetings

Midstate Regional Emergency Medical Services Council meetings are held 7 PM the fourth Tuesday of each month at 14 Foery Drive in Utica.  Regional members represent Madison, Oneida and Herkimer counties and are open to the public.   Meetings are recorded and are also available on the midstateems.org web site.

Electronic EMS Charting

Midstate currently has 24 EMS agencies using electronic charting these agencies make up 70% of hospital patient transports.  During 2018 the Department of Health has required all electronic platforms to meet a “new” standard NEMSIS III, these new standards provide agencies, regions and the department of health with up-to-date current data.  Agencies are moving to this new platform vendor by vendor and should be complete by the end of this year.  A “hospital hub” will be available soon and will allow hospitals access to all patient charts transported to their facility.  Meetings between the region-state- and hospitals are ongoing. More information to follow.

Central Line Access

From the Regional Medical Director, access to central lines should be limited to patients in extremis (in need of immediate critical interventions).  Dialysis fistulas should NEVER be accessed.