FAST-ED Stroke Scale Roll Out

Good Afternoon,
At the September REMAC Meeting, the REMAC physicians unanimously voted for the implementation of the FAST-ED Stroke Scale. Courtesy of the Mohawk Valley Stroke Program, we have created a video that can viewed via the following YouTube Link:
To successfully implement the FAST-ED Stroke Scale  a quiz has been created for providers to take after successfully watching the video. This will require providers to sign into (BLS providers must register) their accounts located on the Midstate EMS Login Page. This login can be found on:
To successfully complete this education providers must score an 80% on the quiz. This education will count as 2 hours of BLS CME hours. 
The plan is to be live utilizing the FAST-ED Stroke Scale by 01/01/2022. If you could please ensure that your providers are partaking in this education it would be greatly appreciated. If they have any issues logging into their accounts or for BLS providers registering for an account, please reach out to us here in the office.