EMS Week Caring for our Community Thursday CPR Stop-the-Bleed

In January of 2020, the American Heart Association (AHA) released it’s new cardiac and stroke guidelines. Every 5 years the AHA reviews the past 5 year period and releases new cardiovascular care updates and guidelines for delivery of emergent and hospital based care. Here at Faxton – St. Luke’s Healthcare EMS Education, we immediately implement those guidelines and began delivering the most up to date science based cardiovascular care programs. Despite the restrictions placed during the pandemic, we implemented safety guidelines as outlined by federal, state and local health departments to continue our programs. I would like to commend all who participated in those programs.

Our Stop-the-bleed program has been implemented in all of our AHA and EMS programs. This has truly made an impact on the pre-hospital care and increase nation wide the survivability of the injured. We continue to work with local governmental and school agencies to promote this program with in the classroom as well as in the scholastic leadership in our schools. We hope to bring the program back into the classrooms in the fall of 2021 with the slowing of the pandemic in New York State. car

Tony Salce RN, EMTP CIC

Midstate REMSCO