EMS Week – Caring for our Community CHILDREN

Today Wednesday May 19, 2021 Emergency Medical Services for Children’s Day. Today we highlight the distinctive aspects of caring for children and raise awareness about the need to improve and expand specialized care for children in prehospital and acute care settings. As EMS Providers let’s remember that children are not just little adults.

“Nationwide, very few EMS calls involve children (on average 10%), and even fewer produce pediatrics with a level of acuity that challenges an EMT’s or paramedic’s skills (less than 1% of EMS calls).”  

  • Not only do we need to know how to care for the pediatric patient, we also need to be aware of and deliver messaging that is focused on 3 key audiences: parents/caregiver, EMS providers, and hospital personnel. 
  • Some ways we can develop or improve on our pediatric care skills is to participate in continuing education focused on pediatrics and pediatric specific equipment.
  • Volunteer with children at your local school, EMS agency or fire department to introduce them to what we do in EMS so they are aware of what treatments we might deliver and equipment we might use if they have an emergency.
  • Start a community safety or outreach program focused of injury prevention like a bike helmet program or becoming certified to conduct child safety seat inspections.

Eric Merrill, EMTP, CIC

Midstate REMSCO