A Midstate Message

Well this is the time of year we reflect on the past year and look forward to the holiday season and all the new year has to hold. 2002 has certainly been a year of unexpected, and often, unwelcomed surprises. Despite all the challenges we faced there were still many hidden blessings we were part of.

Just look at the national news and you can see the unrest and violence that has plagued larger cities in 2020. We have seen how COVID 19 devastated many cities and healthcare systems. How about all the service workers who lost their jobs. Or how about all those high-rise dwellers being quarantined in a tiny apartments.

We have certainly seen our fair share of challenges in our region, but sometimes looking at worse scenarios gives perspective. Much of the reason we did so well was location, but we really believe we did what Midstate Providers always do, step up to the challenge. It was your diligence, compassion and determination that helped us keep ourselves, our patients, and our families safe.

All in all, we are pretty darn fortunate to a part of the Midstate Region. So after donning your proper PPE give all your loved ones an extra hug.

On behalf of all of us at Midstate EMS, we wish you health, happiness, and peace this Thanksgiveng.

Stay safe and God bless.