MVHS IT Internet Issues and Contacting St Luke’s and St E’s Med Control

For reasons beyond our control, St. Luke’s and St. Elizabeth’s Hospitals (MVHS) are currently experiencing internal internet difficulties. Due to this unforeseen hospital predicament, the current phone numbers EMS utilizes for our prehospital reports to both of those facilities only, will not work.  We are being asked to use the phone number below for the next few days to contact both St Lukes (327) AND St Elizabeth’s (326) for both reports and Med Control orders.  This single phone number will be connected through to either ED that you request.  Again, we apologize for any confusion this may cause. MVHS is confident that this will only be a short term issue and will be cleared up ASAP.  All other Midstate Regional Hospitals can be reached via the numbers released two weeks ago.  This only effects St. Luke’s and St. Elizabeth’s.  


We will notify everyone as soon as the other numbers are back up and running. And please remember, as always, our radio system can be utilized (155.340) throughout the region to contact the hospitals as well. 
Any Questions, Please contact Dan Broedel or Melissa Lockwood