Midstate Resource Automation

315 724 4979   (The Phone Number Will Not Change)  

The process of communicating between EMS and Hospitals in the Midstate Region will change effective noon September 16, 2020.  Calls to Resource will be handled via automation, EMS Providers will be given the option to select the receiving hospital for their pre-hospital report: When EMS Providers call the Resource number they  will hear, “Midstate Resource” followed by: 

                                             Press 1 for St. Luke’s Campus

                                             Press 2 for St. Elizabeth Campus

                                             Press 3 for Rome Memorial

                                             Press 4 for Oneida Healthcare 

                                             Press 5 for Little Falls Hospital 

                                             Press 6 for Community Memorial (Hamilton)

  • Reports will continue to be given exactly the same way for emergency dept patients once connected to the receiving hospital.
  •  If immediate medical control is needed, start your report with “I need medical control” All hospitals will provide EMS Medical Control. All converstions remain recorded.
  • In the event of an MCI or other unusual situation St. Elizabeth will direct operations and will act in place of the regional medical director.