COVID-19 Info For Midstate Agencies and Providers

Information for Agencies:

  • Please take a minute to review NYS DOH EMS Policy Statement 20-02 which can be found at ( for information on everything from the COVID-19 Assessment and Screening to appropriate PPE for the pre-hospital provider. 
  • The NYS DOH BEMSAT has requested that you limit the number of personnel that respond to/enter a scene of a possible COVID-19 patient.  The less people exposed (even while utilizing PPE,) the better.
  • For any agency (first responders, ambulance and police agencies) involved in responding to EMS calls who is having difficulty obtaining PPE supplies should contact their county’s Emergency Manager to request what they need. 

Information for Providers:

  • Madison and Oneida County E911 centers will dispatch any patient who meets the COVID-19 criteria with the phase, “Utilize Universal Precautions.”  Herkimer County E911 will dispatch the phrase, “Landline for key location.”
  • All calls to Resource, ALS and BLS, will be patched through to the receiving hospital for report. (Please do NOT bypass Resource and contact any facility directly.)
  • If you require Med Control Orders, please inform Resource BEFORE you are patched through to assure you are able to speak to Med Control in a timely manner. 
  • Each regional hospital has requested the following:
    • Community Memorial – Early Notification.  Staff will give direction as to which entrance to utilize based on your report 
    • Little Falls – Early Notification. The entrance will be determined on an individual basis
    • Rome – Early Notification. Utilize the ambulance entrance unless otherwise advised following report
    • St. Luke’s and St. Elizabeth – Early Notification. Utilize the ambulance entrance unless otherwise advised following report.
    • Oneida – Early Notification. Utilize the ambulance entrance unless otherwise advised.

Information about EMS Education:

  • All current EMS classes will continue.  Alternative platforms are being developed to meet student needs while following the meeting guidelines put forth by the DOH and CDC. 
  • Ride time and clinical as some regional hospital is on hold at the time.  As of this writing, MVHS is still accepting students. 
  • No paper tests will be administered until further notice due to COVID-19.  ALL levels (CFR through Paramedic) will be given an opportunity to test via Computer Based Testing (CBT).  A $28 fee will be charged for CBT.