Midstate EMS Stakeholders Meetings

Midstate EMS Stakeholder meetings are scheduled for Nov 12,13,14 and Sunday 11/17. EMS Agency Directors, Operators, CME Managers, CSO and training Officers and all Midstate EMS Providers are welcome.

We will review and discuss BLS and Collaborative Protocol roll outs, Upcoming changes in EMS Education, Regional and State EMS Operations, and review agency specific information.

  • Tuesday November 12, 7 pm Oneida Healthcare
  • Wednesday November 13, 7 pm EMS Offices 14 Foery Drive Utica
  • Thursday November 14, 7 pm Kuyahoora Ambulance,
  • Sunday , November 17, 9 am EMS Offices 14 Foery Drive

No registration is needed each Agency is encouraged to send a least one representative to one of these sessions