Another Year in the books!

Well, here we are again about to say goodbye to another year in the Midstate Region.

That puts nearly 40,000 calls “book” according to Resource,

This always seems like a good time to reflect on how things went, the good, the bad and of course the ugly (Clint DeTraglia Eastwood 1968) Probably safe to say we all shared in each of these.

Fortunately, change is inevitable. Some for the better, some well, maybe not so much!

One change that is interesting is the diffeence in the younger EMS population, You don’t learn the same way we did, you don’t view life the same as we did. Even your appearance is different, Hell, tattoos were something the old guy who drove the ambulance on Wednesday nights had which he aquired in the armed service.

Even with these differences the important things have NOT changed


Having the priviledge of representing Midstate while attending Regional and State meetings we always come back feeling proud and pretty darn good about Midstate Folks.

So, as we sit around pondering the events of 2018 pat yourselves on the back for the GOOD, consider how to “rethink” the BAD and UGLY.

On behalf of the Midstate REMSCO/REMAC and the Faxton St. Luke’s EMS Program have a great holiday season

Stay well, keep safe and God bless