2017 Midstate Nurse of Excellence

Each year we recognize a nurse that is considered by EMS providers as an outstanding champion of EMS. We are blessed in the Midstate Region with hard working dedicated nurses that interact with EMS on a daily basis.  For that we are thankful.

Trying to select one that is all that and is just special was not that difficult this year.  Our 2017 Midstate Nurse of the Year has all those qualifications as well as several more. She became a Basic EMT years ago and has maintained her certification to this day and is still actively treating EMS patients.   She also is the Operational Director of her organization and serves on the Board of Directors of one of our volunteer agencies. Over the past few years, she has experienced different medical issues, and yet, she continues on in all her roles.  The success of her agency is in no small part due to her constant oversight and diligence in making sure her EMT’s are trained and ready.

By now most of the room has probably figured out that the Midstate Registered Nurse of Excellence is our one and only,Diann Lynch.

Diann Lynch Midstate 2017 Nurse of Excellence