2017 Communication Specialist of the Year

This year we recognize an “unsung EMS hero.”  Someone that may not even recognize himself as a EMS provider.  Are they ever wrong! He is a leader in the truest sense of the word pushing through any obstacles that comes his way, always keeping his “eye on the ball” for the system.

Under his guidance dispatch took on a new role, moving from a simple dispatch to a true communications center, including keeping the most important of the emergency service, EMS, in the forefront.  He ALWAYS does the right thing. He is dogmatic about doing the right thing for his “customers” and staff.

This year we are recognizing one of our own.  He is a previous, long time REMSCO member.  He was able to see past his own area and always looked out for all the Region.

Having taken on numerous challenges throughout his nearly 20 year career with Madison County please congratulate this Midstate Communication Specialist, now retired, Paul Hartnett.  Thank You Paul for all you did for Madison County and Midstate.

Paul Hartnett 2017 Midstate Communication Specialist