Midstate June Newsletter

  • As COVID cases decline, many COVID rules remain in place, especially pertaining to the hospitals.  Please remember the following:
    • All prehospital providers and adult patients must be masked upon entry to the hospital (no matter what your vaccination status is.)
    • All nebulized meds must be discontinued prior to entry to the ED
    • If you have any questions or concerns about either of these issues, speak to med control prior to arrival on the topic, not after you enter the ED.
  • The June Semester for ALS CMEs comes to an end on 6/31/2021. Please remember that there are no extensions or reductions to this year’s CMEs. 
    • Total Yearly Hours:
      • EMT: 10                   (5 due by 6/31/21)
      • Critical Care: 20      (10 due by 6/31/2021)          50% can be BLS
      • Paramedic: 24         (12 due by 6/31/2021)
  • If you are an agency who is still using paper PCR’s and wants to utilize, or continue to utilize, the CME Recertification Program after 1/1/2022, you only have until the end of the year to start documenting electronically.  ALL BLSFRs, ALSFRs and transporting ambulances must document using an ePCR platform prior to 1/1/2022 to use the CME Recertification Program. The DOH currently has a FREE ePCR platform available form interested agencies. Please contact the Midstate office for more information.
  • Lastly, all agencies who engage in EMS first response should review NYS DOH EMS Policy 09-07 and follow the best practices listed within.  

June REMAC Meeting

The Midstate REMAC will meet will meet tonight, Tuesday, June 15th at 7pm. The link to register to join the virtual meeting can be found below.


Vital Signs Academy for the Week of 6/7

Two Great Virtual Education Opportunities

Vital Signs Academy For the Week of June 1st

NYS DOH Vital Signs Virtual Leadership Day 6/18… Register Now!!

To register for this event and more session details, please visit www.vitalsignsconference.com

Just a sneak peek of what our extraordinary NYS  leadership will be teaching on June 18.

  • Thomas Tarbox “Leading A Diverse Team”
  • Scott Moore “Top Employer Compliance Vulnerabilities”
  • Doug Wildermuth “Effectively Managing Confliction Resolution”
  • Michael Bagozzi “The 101 of NYS Statue, Regulations and System Design”
  • Steve Kroll, Rob Stoessel, and Reg Allen “EMS Sustainability in 2021 and Beyond”
  • Ryan Greenberg “Creating a Leadership Path Using the Seven Pillars of EMS Officer Competencies”

Midstate May REMSCO Meeting

The Midstate May REMSCO Meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, May 25th at 7pm. The meeting does require an attendance registration. Please use the link below to register prior to the start time of the meeting. Log in information will be sent to you once you register for the meeting.


EMS Week 2021 Comes to a Close – A letter from the REMSCO Chair

To All Midstate Providers,

First of all Congratulations and a job well done in 2020! To say the least, it wasn’t the best of years. But everyone stepped up to the plate and got through this pandemic with the best patient care possible! You are all to be commended! As I set here and reflect on years past, I remember EMS week with great memories. The celebrations, the tailgating before the banquet, the banquet itself and a time to come together as Midstate EMS. We are a proud group of people. We pride ourselves on top notch patient care and promote ourselves as the best in the business. Remember when you got your first Midstate ID card? What a great accomplishment! You sacrificed your time away from your family to achieve this goal and it was an effort that appreciated more than you’ll ever know! 

As we go forward, some things will be a little different while other things will remain the same.  Remember that we are the teachers to the new generation of Paramedics and EMT’s. Take this job seriously because our future depends on it. A perfect example of this is right here at the center of the Region.  After over 17 years with the Program Agency, Dan Broedel, paramedic, instructor, and Program Agency Director, is retiring. Starting new on June 1st, Melissa Lockwood, paramedic, and an instructor herself, will transition from Clinical Coordinator to Program Agency Director. Thank you, Dan, from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you have done for EMS in this Region! No one deserves some R&R more than you do! And welcome, Melissa! We look forward to what the future brings working with you!

And again, thank YOU ALL for your time and your dedication to being the best EMS region in the state!  I am proud to be your Midstate REMSCO Chair!

Ray Jones

Vital Signs Academy For Next Week!

EMS Week Caring for our Community Thursday CPR Stop-the-Bleed

In January of 2020, the American Heart Association (AHA) released it’s new cardiac and stroke guidelines. Every 5 years the AHA reviews the past 5 year period and releases new cardiovascular care updates and guidelines for delivery of emergent and hospital based care. Here at Faxton – St. Luke’s Healthcare EMS Education, we immediately implement those guidelines and began delivering the most up to date science based cardiovascular care programs. Despite the restrictions placed during the pandemic, we implemented safety guidelines as outlined by federal, state and local health departments to continue our programs. I would like to commend all who participated in those programs.

Our Stop-the-bleed program has been implemented in all of our AHA and EMS programs. This has truly made an impact on the pre-hospital care and increase nation wide the survivability of the injured. We continue to work with local governmental and school agencies to promote this program with in the classroom as well as in the scholastic leadership in our schools. We hope to bring the program back into the classrooms in the fall of 2021 with the slowing of the pandemic in New York State. car

Tony Salce RN, EMTP CIC

Midstate REMSCO