NYS DOH EMS Week Agency Awards Nominations Are Open!

Thank You!  That is what the New York State Bureau of Emergency Medical Services would like to say to all our EMS Providers during EMS Week 2021.  

EMS Week is just a few weeks away and we would like your help again this year recognizing those EMS providers who have gone above and beyond. 

Last year we had almost 100 EMS Week awards issued after review of all the nominations that were received.  

We are looking for your help to recognize outstanding NYS EMS Providers during EMS Week 2021 for the work they have done during this past year!

The Bureau, for the second year is offering EMS organizations the opportunity to directly nominate a team or provider to be recognized during EMS Week for their contributions to Emergency Medical Services. 

Below is a submission form where EMS agencies can make a nomination. 

EMS Week 2021 ~ Nominations for EMS Team / Provider Recognition | Survey Builder (ny.gov)

We have added a new option to upload a picture of the team or EMS provider.   Adding a photo is completely optional however a few award recipients may be selected for additional recognition by posting their story and photo on our social media. 


  • ONE NOMINATION: One nomination is permitted per agency; however, the nomination can be an individual or a team (team being a department company, specific group, the agency, etc.)
  • GOOD STANDING: Nominated individuals or team members must be in good standing with the Department of Health
  • SUBMISSION BY: Submissions will be accepted from an EMS agency, Course Sponsor, County EMS Coordinator, REMSCO, REMAC or Program Agency (only one nomination is permitted per EMS organization)

NOMINATION INFORMATION (the info needed to complete the form):

  • AGENCY CONTACT INFO: Contact information for the agency and the agency leader
  • NOMINEE CONTACT INFO: the form does ask for contact information of the nominee or the primary point of contact for a team.  Please make sure you have an e-mail address.
  • CATAGORIES: We have selected the following categories: 
    • Clinical Performance
    • Agency / Regional Leadership
    • Training and Education
    • Operations
    • Innovation and Teamwork 
    • Other: If your agency feels there is a different reason, we gave you an “other” option to create a different category!
  • THREE HIGHLIGHTS: Think about three reasons (a few words or one sentence each) on why you feel they should be nominated. 

Submission for nominations are NOW OPEN!  

EMS Week 2021 ~ Nominations for EMS Team / Provider Recognition | Survey Builder (ny.gov)

The nominations will remain open during EMS Week until we have met our maximum number, so we encourage agencies to submit early, but remember, you can only submit once. 

Nominations should only take a few minutes to submit and can be done from a computer or smart phone device. 

Thank you to every NYS EMS Provider, we really appreciate all the work you are doing every day and especially during these very challenging times.  

Happy EMS Week! 

Ryan Greenberg 

EMS Week-EMS Strong Theme: 


Happy Nurses Week!!

National Nurses Week - Cool 106.7FM
Too all the nurses out there, thank you for all that you do!
If this past year has shown us anything, it’s that you guys rock!

Virtual Leadership Educational Forum “The Health of EMS”


a Virtual Series

June 1-10, 2021

Click HERE to register.

This six-part virtual program aims to review today’s overall Emergency Medical Response climate, and provide an educational forum for leaders in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to discuss the most pressing and critical issues that affect EMS for-profit and non-profit agencies and personnel. This unique program format and straight-forward discussion will support leaders in EMS with overviews of:

•  Post Pandemic Predictions, Mike McEvoy, PhD, NRP, RN, CCRN

•  Understanding and Recovering from Grief, Loss, and Moral Injury, Drew Anderson, PhD

•  The Times They are a Chang’in, Strategic Planning for EMS in the COVID-era, Doug Sauer

•  The Community of EMS: Ensuring Long-Term Viability Through Agency Cohesion, Dan Batsie, BA, NRP

•  Transformational Governance of EMS Organizations in a Rapidly Changing World, Steve Kroll

•  Surviving and Thriving EMS Financial Management, Maggie Adams

Visit the event website to register and view full program information.

• Agenda

• Presentation Summary / Learning Objectives

• Presenter Bios/CVs

• Continuing Education Credits

• Registration

• Sponsorship Opportunities

For additional information, please email Kathy Doyle at kdoyle@chahec.org  or contact our staff at 845-883-7260.

New York State Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits will be sponsored by E5 Support Services, LLC, NYS Certified Instructor Coordinator/NRP Douglas J. Wildermuth. Credits will be based in CME categories of Preparatory, Non-Core Content (Mandatory), and Operations for the allotted time that each participant spends participating in each program.

May CME Core Content Online Classes

The May Online CME Core Content class will be held in person. The May dates/times are: May 10th at 10am and May 15th at 9am. All CME Core Content Classes are held at the Midstate Training Center. Erik Merrell is the CIC.

Midstate April REMSCO Meeting

The Midstate April REMSCO Meeting will be virtual only. The meeting will be held at 7p on Tuesday, April 27th.

The link to register and join the meeting is: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwsdu2urDoqGdwpdnUcwXpd0httMGbEe_Oj

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Next Week’s Vital Signs EMS Academy Free CME Offerings


This week we celebrate National Safety Telecommunications Week. These are truly the FIRST first responders. Frequently over looked and not appreciated, The Midstate EMS Region, recognizes our region’s telecommunicators for their ability to multi task, act fast and manage high stress situations. We recognize and appreciate your commitment to the public safety team. On behalf of the Midstate Region’s Responders and our communities, a big THANK YOU for what you do!

LifeNet Virtual CME Opportunity 5/5 @ 7pm

This Week on Vital Signs EMS Academy