Class Cancellations

The Dan Broedel’s Sunday morning Basic EMT class AND the Melissa Lockwood’s Sunday morning AEMT class (both held at the Midstate Training Center) have been cancelled for tomorrow, Sunday, January 19th. Classes will resume as usual next Sunday.


MONDAY Jan 20, 5PM Griffiss International Airport, 645 Bomber Drive Rome NY 13440

TOPICS: Inhalation Injuries & Cyano Kits – Analgesia & Sedation – Managing Combative Patient

Each quarter our clinical education staff here at Mercy Flight Central holds a CME night for our Flight Clinicians. Historically these were opportunities for our providers to take part in “m&m” discussions based off of complicated cases our they’ve encounter in the field. As part of our professional growth and development our Medical Director Dr. Galton wanted to extend an invite to all of our Rome area EMS professionals. This opportunity is FREE and we are providing pizza and refreshments for the attendees during the presentations.. We request that attendees pre-register for the event via our Facebook page so that we can obtain an accurate head count for seating and refreshments. Thank you and take care!  

ATTENTION ALL AGENCIES: Please Read and Complete

Dear Program Agencies, Council Members and EMS Agency Administrators,

We would like to thank all the agencies that have completed the 2019 BLS Protocol updates and implementation by the December 31st, 2019 deadline.

As outlined in EMS DAL 19-02:

“EMS agencies may adopt the 2019 BLS Protocols after ensuring that all certified personnel have received proper training and education on new skills and procedures. At a minimum, each provider must complete the online 2019 BLS Protocol update that will be provided, free of charge, by the Bureau of EMS utilizing the online learning management system. While the online training will introduce the new protocol format and overview of the changes, it will not provide training on new skills and procedures included in the protocol. EMS agency training officers are encouraged to work with their Agency Medical Director, REMSCO, REMAC and/or Program Agency to facilitate the delivery of supplemental didactic material and skills training.

EMS agencies shall establish a training record to verify training that shall be maintained in the agency personnel file of each provider. After ensuring all certified agency personnel have received training, agencies are required to notify their Regional Program Agency of the date the 2019 BLS Protocols will be implemented. All EMS agencies must complete required training verification and implement the 2019 BLS Protocols no later than December 31, 2019.”

While many agencies have already completed the update, several agencies have requested an extension in order to meet full compliance for the BLS Protocol training.  

The Bureau has determined that extensions may be permitted when a formal application for an extension is requested by an EMS agency and is approved by the Bureau.  The Bureau will review EMS agency requests for an extension on a case by case basis in all regions of New York State. 

All agencies must submit an online protocol compliance form, using the link below, on or before Friday, January 17th, 2020. The form includes a section to request an extension for those agencies who have not completed training or implementation of the 2019 BLS Protocols. The online compliance form is posted on the NYS DOH Website or may be accessed directly at:

Any agency requesting an extension must provide a written plan for agency compliance. Extensions will be considered for up to 120 days from the December 31st, 2019.  No extension will be granted for longer than 120 days. 

Due to the delay in getting the extension application posted online, requests for extensions will be permitted until Friday, January 17th, 2020.  Agencies who have not completed the BLS protocol roll out for all certified providers and have not requested an extension may face disciplinary action for non-compliance. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance during the transition to the new BLS protocols.  Should you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to your area Bureau of EMS District Chief or Deputy Chief of Education, Jean Taylor. 

Steven P. Dziura Jr. Deputy Director, NYS DOH BEMSAT

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Daytime EMT Class Herkimer County Community College

Daytime EMT Class starting January 23, 2020 and completing on May 21, 2020. Class will be Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 8 AM – 1230. Erik Merrell CIC will lead this program. Register on line or call 315 738 8351

Frankfort EMT Original and Refresher

The Frankfort Fire Department will host a Original and Refresher Emergency Medical Technician class meeting on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 530 PM-930 PM. Classes will start Jan 27, 2020 (Original) and state certification is scheduled for June 13, 2020.

REMAC Cancelled

Due to the wonderful, winter weather, tonights Midstate REMAC has been cancelled.

Emergency Medical Technician Original / Refresher

Starting Sunday January 5 this program is hosted by the North Chittenango Fire Department. Classes will be noon to 5 with Instructor Leslie Myers. This class is scheduled to end June 18, 2020. Register on line or call 315 738 8351

BLS Protocol Update and Implementation

All NYS certified EMS Providers, CFR, EMT, AEMT, CC, Paramedic, must complete the required BLS Update by December 31, 2019. From the Department of Health directive, Agency leaders are then required to notify the region ( to confirm your transition to the 2019 protocols.

Midstate Agencies, Your Help Is Needed!

EMS Agency Leadership:

New York State has begun the review process in preparation for the evaluation, design, development, testing and implementation of the 2020 01 Schematron Update.   The planned date of the Schematron update has not been confirmed and will be announced in the future when that determination is established.

New York State is surveying software vendors, emergency medical technicians (at all levels), EMS agency leadership and regional EMS Program Agencies for their feedback with suggestions for improvement of the validation rules as we move in to calendar year 2020.  Your input in this process is helpful and instrumental to the success of the update process:

Please keep in mind:

  • The NYS Schematron Update will be completed in 2020 after a comprehensive review and decision making process
  • The NYS Transition Team consists of representatives from the regional EMS Program Agencies, the NYS DOH BEMSATS Data Unit, EMS Agencies and EMS care providers
  • The Proposed changes will be reviewed by a team of 18 EMTs (across all levels) representing the 18 Regions of New York State
  • The Proposed changes will be reviewed by the Software Vendors for any development and implementation concerns
  • NYS DOH BEMSATS and Regional Program Agencies will be developing Training Materials to prepare the entire EMS system in NYS for 2020 01.
  • The entire NYS EMS System will make the transition in a coordinated fashion at one selected date and time 

At this time, we are asking EMS Agencies to complete the following survey: to provide the transition team with not only concerns but also proposals for revision of validation rules and a supporting rationale where this change will improve documentation for the EMS agencies and EMTs in New York state.

Your replies are due by the close of business on Friday, 13 December 2019.

Remember, only one concern with each completed form and that multiple forms may be completed by each EMS Agency.  Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Thank you for your support of the EMS System in New York State.