2017 Harriet Weber Leadership Award

So, what is a leader?  Sometimes a teacher, sometimes a mentor, sometimes a friend, but always someone you can turn to with any problem personal or EMS related.  That describes this year’s Midstate Leader.

Tonight’s recipient has endured nearly 40 years of EMS working as provider, educator and administrator.  Many of us were not even born as he entered the field of emergency medicine.

He is leaving a mark in both Midstate and Central NY regions and especially his hometown.  as busy as he is he never rushes a conversation and is willing to take time to listen and share his thoughts and opinions with anyone that asks, always thoughtful and respected we are indeed fortunate to continue to listen to his wisdom.

Camden Fire, Camden Ambulance, Oneida County and the Midstate Region are all a  better place to live and practice EMS thanks to the tireless efforts of this year’s Leadership Award winner. Help us recognize our Midstate Leadership award winner Norman Wallis Jr.

Norm Wallis Jr. 2017 Midstate Leadership Award Recipient


2017 Educator of Excellence Award

So what does it take to be a  educator? I believe we would all agree it takes knowledge, probably we would all agree it takes the ability to do it, SKILLS, and what separates a good instructor from a routine instructor we believe is passion patience and perseverance.  Tonight we are recognizing just that type of person.  His style of teaching is his own something he created watching and learning from others.

We in Midstate are extremely proud of all our programs First Responder to Paramedic, it is a tribute to our educators that we provide the level of service we enjoy here.  One program stands out and it is a relatively new program. Midstate was one of the first in NY State to embrace it, that is our Opiate Overdose Program.  With a little push from tonight’s instructor we have trained literally thousands of providers in the use of naloxone in opiate overdose situations.

It is hard to even measure the magnitude of his impact on the community with hundreds perhaps thousands instructed in CPR and now Naloxone administration our communities are safer, and families are complete.

Please take the time to thank and congratulate Chris Flemming as Midstate’s Educator of Excellence

2017 Midstate Educator of Excellence Chris Fleming

2017 Physician of Excellence Award

Our Physician of the Year is no stranger to our area or most of the providers in the room.  He comes from Midstate and is respected among his peers and the Midstate EMS providers.  An Emergency Room Physician that “speaks our language” he is not afraid to take on whatever or whoever, to care for his and our patients. One of our “newer” physicians in the system, it is always good to hear his voice either on the radio or as you enter the ED.

Not one to send in complaints about pre-hospital care providers, this Doc would rather educate and correct situations himself.  AND HE DOES!!

We are pleased to recognize Avinash Kamphampati as the Midstate EMS Physician of the year.

2017 Midstate Physician of Excellence

2017 EMS Agency of the Year

An EMS agencies today, be it small or large, seem to be faced with never ending challenges. Our smaller agencies typically have limited resources and are forced to think out of the box in order to cover the same 24/7 we all try to cover.

The 2017 EMS Agency of the Year in is made up of typically our younger EMT’s and have improved coverage from around an average of 50-60% of their calls to 90% today.  This was not accomplished by any one person but rather by t dedicated members and support they received from administration and leadership.  They are an example of what we do so well in Midstate, “thinking out of the box”.

Providing exceptional care day in day out, they also provide coverage to several special events including America’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk and the Boilermaker Road Race.

Recognized and awarded a National Heart safe Campus designation (one of only 8 in the nation) this year we recognize Midstate’s newest First Response Agency, Utica College EMS.

Utica College EMS 2017 Midstate Agency of the Year

2017 Youth Provider of the Year

Described by his ambulance officers as hard working and helpful, not afraid to jump right in and help out where needed. Our second Youth Provider of the Year has is a two-year member of the ambulance corps.

This years Youth Provider has left his mark on both the Fire and EMS Departments he volunteers with. Running calls with his ambulance corps, he is gaining experience and has started making a difference in his community and in the lives of many patients. He has already been called on to perform CPR, including on a “code save” and any other job he’s asked to perform.

It is clear that this young man is going to make a difference in a lot of his patients and coworkers lives. This years second Youth Prover of the Year is Eric Jones of Kuyahoora Ambualnce and Remsen Fire Department.

Eric Jones 2017 Midstate Youth Provider of the Year

2017 Youth Provider the Year

“Ready to help with anything that needs to be done” is how the officers describe this years nomination.  “Early and prepared” is what his current instructor says about him. A member of the junior corps, he has shown a deep desire to learn and participate.  Not one to stand back and watch, he is enthusiastic and always an active participant. He has shown a genuine concern for others and is active in several community organizations, always trying to improve both himself and the organizations he belongs to, the future is certainly bright for this future provider.

A native of Utica, this years Midstate Youth Provider has already left his mark at the organization he regularly volunteers with. In whatever road he takes in life we are sure he will be successful, let’s hope he remains a part of the EMS system for years to come.  One of two 2017 Youth Providers of the Year is David Paul of Central Oneida County Ambulance.

David Paul 2017 Midstate Youth Provider of the Year

2017 BLS Provider of the Year

Always pushing and never content with the status quo, this year’s BLS Provider of the Year does not know the phrase, “it can’t be done,” but rather prefers to live by the words, “we will get it done.”  After successful completing the Basic EMT program, this provider recognized a significant underserved population in our system. Not being one to stand back he stepped up and against the traditional status quo and negativity new programs seem to always face beat the odds and pushed through the local, regional and state bureaucracy to make his plan come true. All the time encouraging others to join emergency services and asking the question why not?  He is also an AHA Instructor who actively teaches class after class.

This year we are proud to recognize Anthony Scalise as this years Midstate BLS Provider of the Year.

Anthony Scalise 2017 Midstate BLS Provider of the Year

2017 ALS Provider of the Year

He started his career with a volunteer fire department and soon added EMS to his wheelhouse.  In his short time as an EMS provider he has gone from a part time Basic EMT at a busy commercial agency to a full time Critical Care.  He is respectful, “street and book smart” and always has a positive attitude.

Currently in the position of supervisor at Edwards Ambulance.  He will soon be taking on a few new responsibilities as a college student, husband and dad for a second time.  Please help me welcome Midstate ALS Provider of the year … Sam Revere.

Sam Revere 2017 ALS Midstate Provider of the Year


Memorial Day

In observance of Memorial Day, the Midstate EMS Offices will be closed Monday, May 28th.

In the event of an emergency, please call Resource and they will contact the appropriate person.

2018 EMS Week ~ Thank you for all you do !!


provided by MIDSTATE REMSCO and the EMS Program 

TUESDAY MAY 22   11AM – 3 PM – 14 Foery Drive Utica