After several requests Faxton St. Luke's will sonsor a EMR (formerly Certified First Responder) class.  This 80 hour National Standard course will be conducted Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 6PM to 9PM at Central Oneida County Ambulance, starting June 25 with the certification exam on Thursday August 21.  This class will train first responders to identify and treat life threatening injuries and illness.  The course is designed for Fire, Police and EMS providers that will be 16 years of age by August 2014.  For details or to sign up visit teh midstateems.org web site (classes at top of page) or contact Bill at 315 738-8351.

Critical Care Class 2014

The 2014 Faxton St. Luke’s Original and Refresher Critical Care Class will start June 10, 2014 and Test March 19, 2015.  The Course will be lead by CIC Leslie Myers and will be conducted Tues and Thursday evenings 1830 – 2230 at the Central Oneida County Ambulance. For details and to sign up see the midstateems.org website or call Bill at 738-8351.

28th Annual Trauma Symposium


Basic Refresher Class Canceled

Tonight’s Refresher class at COCVAC has been canceled due to the weather. Class will resume next Tuesday the 18th at 6:30pm. If you have any questions you can call Bill at 315-738-8351.

CME Online Classes sign up dates


This program is for:

· EMT’s, CC’s and Paramedics

· Must be with an agency within the Midstate Region that is registered in the program with DOH BEMS

· The provider must also be registered in the CME program with state (DOH Form 4226 on file with the state)

The registration location and dates are as follows:

All registrations and end session dates will be at:

· Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corp (COCVAC)

· All Registrations and End Sessions will be begin promptly at noon on the follow dates:

#1: Registration: January 19 – Final Session: February 16

#2: Registration: February 23 – Final Session: March 23

#3: Registration: March 30 – Final Session: April 27

#4: Registration: April 20 – Final Session: May 18

#5: Registration: May 11 – Final Session: June 15

#6: Registration: June 22 – Final Session: July 20

Please note that it is important that when you sign up for the program you are able to attend the end session associated with the registration date.

If you have any questions about the program please contact Leslie Myers at

315-264-9094 or leslie.myers55@gmail.com

Bridgewater EMT Class CANCELLED

The Bridgewater EMT class tonight – Wednesday, February 5 has been CANCELLED

Basic Refresher Class

This Class will begin February 13, 2014, 6:30pm at COCVAC. Please click on the “Class” and Register for the class. If you have any questions call Bill at 315-738-8351.

EMT Class Canceled

The Basic EMT Class, Instructed by Adam Shaver, held at the Training Center has been canceled for tonight. Class will resume the next scheduled day.

PCR Shortage

~~    http://www.health.ny.gov/professionals/ems/pcr_5/index.htm~~    We have been notified by the DOH of a statewide shortage of paper PCR's, the Program Agency has been instructed to limit the distribution of version 5 PCR's this shortage is expected to last about 2 months.  Agencies may want to download a printable PCR from the state link above.


Bridgewater EMT Class

The Class that was to start tonight at the Bridgewater Fire Dept. has been canceled due to the poor weather conditions and will start on January 6, at 6:30pm.