Midstate’s 2016 Excellence in Quality and Safety

Midstate’s 2016 Excellence in Quality and Safety Recipient Matthew Yelton

This year we regognize providers and agencies for the day-to-day care they provide. This year’s Excellence in Quality and Safety award recipient is no exception.

We all strive to provide quality care and this year we are recognizing an EMS provider that truly lives to improve the quality of what we all do.

From his very first EMT class, he has never be satisfied knowing just the basics. He is always questioning, wanting to know the cause And effect of diseases and what his treatments are doing for his patients. It is not uncommon for him to constantly research and seek out new information. And he is always sharing what he’s learned with everyone from firefighters, police officers, other EMT’s, nurses and an occasional doctor.

Starting out as a volunteer fire fighter in a small town, he then became an EMT and found what would be his true calling. He has since moved on to be a critical care tech and eventually a paramedic. Today he is also a paramedic preceptor and is very likely to be seen discussing, debating, teaching and explaining ems practices to EMT students of all levels, or to anyone else who wants to know the “whys and what’s” of EMS.

His agencies all recognize his commitment to quality and are proud to call him of their own. So, please join us in thanking Matthew Yelton for his commitment to EMS Quality.

Midstate’s 2016 EMS Behind the Scene’s Award

Midstate’s 2016 Behind the Scene’s Award Winner Karen Paige

Each year we present awards to our regional agencies, providers and educators. To make a system like Midstate work it requires coordination, cooperation and an unbelievable amount of behind the scenes detail work.

Our regional EMS Program Agency is under the direction and support of the Mohawk Valley Health System and we are fortunate to be working in a system that recognizes both the importance of EMS and technology.

Years ago Leslie Myers suggested to us that a recertification option should be provided on-line. She convinced Tony Salce that it would be a good idea and she started out on her mission. Leslie worked with the state to make this option a reality. Thanks in part to this program, Midstate is enjoying a higher than state average of retained providers. We are one of only 2 programs in NYS that have been approved to do a complete on-line recertification program.

We are constantly adding material and expanding the use of our Net Learning system. Net Learning is a sophisticated, secure and complex computer system that allows us to participate in the state recertification.

While Leslie is good at the system and is responsible for it, this year we would like to thank the real brain power behind the system. Frankly, this person has allowed for hundreds of Midstate EMS providers to rectify in the comfort of their own homes, on their own schedule.

Maintaining the system is an arduous task requiring a lot of technical expertise, dedication and time. Without the watchful eye and technical support provided by our Midstate 2016 Behind the Scene’s award winner, Midstate would NOT be able to provide this program.

On behalf of all the EMS providers that have used the on-line program, and the agencies they work with, please congratulate this years winner, Karen Paige.

Midstate’s 2016 Physician of Excellence

Dr. Mankad, Midstate’s 2016 Physician of Excellence

This year’s Physician of Excellence is no stranger to our local providers. He has worked in several of our hospitals and could have possibly been medical control for most of the providers in the region at one time or another.

A quiet man that “knows” medicine. He earned his medical degree in the early 1970’s, he has been a stable influence on EMS in our area for nearly 4 decades.

He is always available to any EMS Provider who wants to discus a case or the “whys and how’s” of medicine. Always able to bring calm and order to a chaotic situation. He is comfortable in a community hospital emergency room as he is in our Trauma Center and now our Stroke Center.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s Physician of Excellence, Dr. Dhimantkumar Mankad, MD.

Midstate’s 2016 BLS Provider of the Year

Kaylee Hrynuk

If you had a choice, this years BLS Provider of the Year is the person you’d want to have as your partner. If you are a patient, you’d be in good hands because this provider blends medicine and caring perfectly. This is the EMT you would want to take care of your family.

Becoming an EMT-Basic only a few years ago, it’s amazing how this Provider could become so EMS “savvy” in such a short amount of time. Today, our Badic EMT of the Year not only provides amazing care but is both a mentor and trainer to new EMT’s.

This Provider always has a smile on her face and is ready to help. Both her Fire Chief and ambulance Director of Operations know things will get done when she’s on the job. Both her Fire Department and ambulance service have received many compliments on her care. This Provider is both compassionant and full of positive attitude.

Congratulations to Westerville Fire Department and AmCare Ambulance’s own Kaylee Hrynuk for being named 2016 Midstate’s BLS Provider of the Year.

Midstate’s 2016 Youth Provider of the Year

2016 Youth Provider of the Year

We are fortunate and encouraged that we are able to recognize a youth member of our EMS family. With all the negativity and disheartening things we are bombarded with today related to our next generation, it is refreshing and exciting to present this years award.

Described by the Chief as “eager to help and full of energy”, “a great communicator” and “always willing to help out.” Focused, calm, a team player and professional, this young man meets and exceeds the usual Emergency Services Provider.

A dedicated and driven volunteer, he will continue his EMS career in the fall by enrolling in an upcoming EMT class.

A crazy sense of humor and a real desire to help out, it is clear this young man cares about his community. We are sure he is going to make a difference in future EMS patients as well as coworkers and anyone that tonight’s winner.

Keep your eye on this rising star. We are proud to recognize Central Oneida County’s Junior Member Vito Ouimette as this years Youth Provider of the Year.

MidState Agency of the Year 2016

Agency of the Year 2016: Rome Fire Department

The MidState Region is made up of 116 EMS Agencies, covering 3 counties and over 350,000 residents. Our regional EMS system is a tiered response system, utilizing every level of EMS care. This includes first responders, advanced level responders, basic and advanced ambulances. Our region responds to nearly 50,000 calls every year.

This year we are recognizing an agency that is the model of collaboration, working hand in hand with their ambulance and law enforcement agencies. They could be described as “gentle giants” in EMS. With nearly 75 sq miles, over 5,000 responses and an area that includes a very busy downtown to a very rural outer district. It is one of the busiest in our region.

Years ago, they were among the first in the region to offer AED and these days were one of the first to carry narcan and were the first to administer it.

How do you measure the impact this agency has had on their community? Patients, families and friends are all great fuel that the department takes EMS so seriously by offering every treatment modality offered to them.

This “gentle giant” is very seldom heard of at the regional level. Their 33,000 residents know they can count on them in every and any type of emergency. They offer public education, bike patrol and specialized rescue operations. And these are only a few of the additional operations offered by this “Agency of the Year”.

In 1819 a few community members got together and created a volunteer fire company that has become that has become a model EMS agency that consistently provides efficient first response medical care to their community.

Please congratulate Rome Fire Department and it’s 85 members, as this years Agency of the Year.

Memorial Day

The Faxton St. Luke’s and Midstate EMS Offices will be closed on Monday May 29 we will open Tuesday May 30 at 8AM.  Urgent issues should be directed to Resource Hospital 315 624 6287

Happy EMS Week – Education Day

In recognition and celebration of EMS Week, I would like to start day 1 off with a special recognition of all our Instructors.  These dedicated men and women of Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare EMS spend countless hours preparing and delivering quality classes in our region. The profession of EMS starts with the quality of educators such as ours:

John Barattini, Robert Bartholomay, David Berkstresser, Richard Bishop, Daniel Broedel, Steven Dziura, Vanessa Evans, Jack Hasse, Diane Howe, Marcel Jeffrey, Jeff Jones, Donna Luck-Martin, Melissa Lockwood, Erik Merrell, Leslie Myers, David Paddock, Robert Paddock, Sr., Bill Perry, Tony Salce, Adam Shaver, Chad Smith, Joe Taylor, Paul Taylor, Jason Tiffin, Andy Vandawalker and Ryan Ward.


Thank you all for such dedication and loyalty to the profession of EMS.

Critical Care Future

By vote of the New York State Emergency Medical Services Council on May 10, 2017, the preceding recommendations were reordered, amended and approved to read in final form as follows:

SEMSCO approves four actions to gradually sunset the CC level of certification in NYS.  These actions would allow continued CC certification renewals, affording REMSCOs and REMACs a prolonged period in which to sustain or reconfigure their systems, based on Regional needs. They would also address the immediate inability of NYS to shoulder the administrative burden and financial costs of revising and maintaining the CC curriculum, Practical Skills Exam and Written CC Certification Exam. The proposed actions are:


  1. Continue the CC CME refresher program.
  2. DOH no longer approve original CC courses starting after January 1, 2018.
  3. DOH no longer approve CC refresher or CC rapid refresher courses starting 18 months from item #2 above.
  4. DOH create an automatic advanced standing CC to Paramedic bridge program open to any currently on-line NYS CC with 3 years of continuous practice1. Such a bridge program should include on-line didactic content with availability of skills and testing a local course sponsors. DOH will operate this bridge program for a minimum of 10 years from January 1, 2018.

1 the term “continuous practice” is substituted here for SEMSCO’s “active practice”. The motion makers and SEMSCO voting body indicated their desire to utilize language in the dissemination of this action consistent with 10 NYCRR 800.3(w) to avoid any misinterpretation of intent.

31st Annual Trauma Symposium