St. Elizabeth Alternate Entrance July 4 Parade

Utica’s fourth of July parade will begin at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Tuesday July 4 and proceed north to the Memorial Parkway.  Genesee Street traffic will be closed for the parade at 11AM until approximately 1 PM.  During that time ambulances may enter St.Elizabeth via Ballantyne Brae.

Heat and Diabetic Emergencies–Continuing EMS Education

Pre-Hospital Care  “Heat and Diabetic Emergencies” Wednesday July 12, 2017, 730PM  Hosted by North Chittenango Volunteer Fire Dept. 1699 Fyler Rd Chittenango

Presenter Paramedic Sean Callahan,  for more info call Jane Deforest at 315 243 6071

Continuing EMS Education

The North Chittenango Fire Department is hosting a EMS training on Wednesday June 28 at 7PM.  Brian Falise will present on Fire Rehab Non Core CME’s will be available.   North Chittenango Fire Station 623 Lakeport Rd. Chittenango NY

Both EAVES and Durhamville ReHab trailers will be on display

The 2016 Hart Award

2016 Hart Award Winner, Anthony Pagliaro

For those that didn’t know Deb Hart, she, along with a few others, helped create the Midstate Region and was one of the early Midstate Director’s. She inspired cooperation and tirelessly worked to improve out EMS System. She stood for all that was good about EMS and the Midstate Region.

This award is a regional award given to a provider, agency or organization that represents all that is good about EMS and Midstate specifically. In the past, this award has been given to groups of people that worked together to save a life, civilians that have made a difference EMS, and EMS team members that have left a mark on the Midstate Region. This year we recognize a provider that has been a rock, a positive influence and a guiding light through unbelievable hardships.

Like Deb herself, this years award winner has faced one hurdle after another. Also like Deb, he has never given up, never throw in the towel. Instead, he has a way of just facing each hurdle as they came to him, always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ask around and you will find that not one, single bad word has ever been said about this person. Not one complaint or issue. He always finds the good in others and in turn, people seem to the good in him. No one in the history of Midstate has enjoyed a reputation as good as this years Hart Award winner.

He started out as a volunteer fire fighter, becoming an EMT and then a paramedic. Our Hart Award winner is also a respected EMS leader in our region. This award truly is Midstate’s best of the best. He has become an inspiration to our entire EMS community, please congratulate this year’s Hart Award recipient, Anthony Pagliaro.

Tuesday Street Closing

Genesee Street is expected to be closed tomorrow in front of

St. Elizabeth Medical Center:

June 13, 2017

11:00 AM – 2:30PM Both front entrance will be closed

Reroute to Ballentyne Brae Street side entrance to Hospital

St. Elizabeth’s 2016 Trauma Award

St. Elizabeth’s 2016 Trauma Award

Around 7pm on April 17th, 2016, a small plane carrying a pilot and 2 other passengers crashed just after take off in Westmoreland. Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance responded to this accident. A job well done by all!

Present to receive this award were several of the COCVAC crew members who participated in this call this call: Dan Verminski, Jenna Illingsworth, Brent Rosky, Steve Dziura and Vinny Ouimette.

2016 Midstate Communication Specialist of the Year

Midstate 2016 Communication Specialist of the Year, Bernadette White

Say “Emergency Services” and most people think of firefighter, police and usually EMS providers. But, Emergency Services is so much more. The most forgotten player in our emergency services family is the Public Safety Telecommunicator. “NOT A DISPATCHER” is kinda like, “NOT AN AMBULANCE DRIVER.” Today, managing a multidisciplinary system is an awesome responsibility that is not to be underestimated. Imagine having to fire chief, police chief and paramedic all within two minutes.

Dependable, consistent and great common sense are used to describe her and her work ethic. She represents the best in 911 communications.

Please join us in thanking our Midstate Communication Specialist of the Year, Madison County Communicator, Bernadette White.

Midstate’s 2016 Advanced Life Support Provider of the Year

Peter Giesse, Midstate’s 2016 ALS Provider of the Tear

Asa member of a volunteer fire department, we are often asked to do more and more. Dedicate more and more time. To keep giving and giving. Oh, and can you cover 90% of our ems calls.

This year we are going to recognize a gentleman who gives and gives, then helps out some more. A volunteer for over 2 decades serving as a firefighter, EMT, Deputy Chief, Critical Care Technician, husband and father. As if that wasn’t enough, just to make sure his skills stay sharp, he works one day a week at a busy ambulance service.

Although he works the family farm 24/7, it is not uncommon for him to stop mid-job to respond to a life or death EMS call and then return to the farm to finish whatever it was he was doing before the tones went off.

When your fire chief and EMS employer both use words like dedication, role model and mentor, you must be doing something right and leaving a lasting impression.

Please join us in recognizing Critical Care Tech, farmer and friend, Westernville Fire Department member, Peter Giesse

Midstate 2016 Instructor of the Year

Midstate’s 2016 Instructor of the Year, Dick Bishop (Dave and Bob Paddock Accepting)

We are truly blessed in the Midstate Region to have some of the best EMS Instructors. It is easy to see how and why we so few issues in EMS given the caliber of our instructors.

Professional ethics and never settling for second best, this year we recognize a true education professional. Retiring after a career in education, this year we recognize him in his second teaching career.

As an educator, you never really know just how many lives you touch. Educating over 175 Basic students and 110 of them in the past 6 years is an accomplishment!

To memorize airway, breathing and bleeding is simple, to impart i your students, the highest standard of care, compassion and dedication is what a great teacher does.

Juggling a busy schedule including 911 dispatching, volunteer fire fighting, EMT instructor, husband, father and one very proud grandfather is not easy. Yet if a student needs extra help, he s there.

Announcing his second retirement and after teaching EMS classes for over a decade, it is bittersweet that we say thanks to the Midstate Instructor of the Year, Richard Bishop.

2016 Midstate Registered Nurse of Excellence

Midstate’s Registered Nurse of Excellence, Jan DeRocker

Becoming a registered nurse in 1973, this year we are recognizing one of this regions most dedicated and truly caring nurses.

Instrumental in county EMS Education, working on EMS Quality Assurance committees, an active member of the Midstate REMAC, she is never afraid to speak up for EMS providers, nursing staff or simply what’s best for the patient. She has the unique ability to recognize the importance of both sides of the hospital door.

Her “open door” policy and willingness listen to any suggestion makes her one of out approachable team members.

Always looking to foster relationships between the hospital and EMS, she has created a positive, nonjudgemental culture between nursing and EMS.

Anyone that has had the pleasure of working with her has probably already figured out that Jan DeRocker is this years Midstate Registered Nurse of Excellence.