Midstate’s 2016 Excellence in Quality and Safety

Midstate’s 2016 Excellence in Quality and Safety Recipient Matthew Yelton

This year we regognize providers and agencies for the day-to-day care they provide. This year’s Excellence in Quality and Safety award recipient is no exception.

We all strive to provide quality care and this year we are recognizing an EMS provider that truly lives to improve the quality of what we all do.

From his very first EMT class, he has never be satisfied knowing just the basics. He is always questioning, wanting to know the cause And effect of diseases and what his treatments are doing for his patients. It is not uncommon for him to constantly research and seek out new information. And he is always sharing what he’s learned with everyone from firefighters, police officers, other EMT’s, nurses and an occasional doctor.

Starting out as a volunteer fire fighter in a small town, he then became an EMT and found what would be his true calling. He has since moved on to be a critical care tech and eventually a paramedic. Today he is also a paramedic preceptor and is very likely to be seen discussing, debating, teaching and explaining ems practices to EMT students of all levels, or to anyone else who wants to know the “whys and what’s” of EMS.

His agencies all recognize his commitment to quality and are proud to call him of their own. So, please join us in thanking Matthew Yelton for his commitment to EMS Quality.