Midstate’s 2016 EMS Behind the Scene’s Award

Midstate’s 2016 Behind the Scene’s Award Winner Karen Paige

Each year we present awards to our regional agencies, providers and educators. To make a system like Midstate work it requires coordination, cooperation and an unbelievable amount of behind the scenes detail work.

Our regional EMS Program Agency is under the direction and support of the Mohawk Valley Health System and we are fortunate to be working in a system that recognizes both the importance of EMS and technology.

Years ago Leslie Myers suggested to us that a recertification option should be provided on-line. She convinced Tony Salce that it would be a good idea and she started out on her mission. Leslie worked with the state to make this option a reality. Thanks in part to this program, Midstate is enjoying a higher than state average of retained providers. We are one of only 2 programs in NYS that have been approved to do a complete on-line recertification program.

We are constantly adding material and expanding the use of our Net Learning system. Net Learning is a sophisticated, secure and complex computer system that allows us to participate in the state recertification.

While Leslie is good at the system and is responsible for it, this year we would like to thank the real brain power behind the system. Frankly, this person has allowed for hundreds of Midstate EMS providers to rectify in the comfort of their own homes, on their own schedule.

Maintaining the system is an arduous task requiring a lot of technical expertise, dedication and time. Without the watchful eye and technical support provided by our Midstate 2016 Behind the Scene’s award winner, Midstate would NOT be able to provide this program.

On behalf of all the EMS providers that have used the on-line program, and the agencies they work with, please congratulate this years winner, Karen Paige.