Midstate’s 2016 Advanced Life Support Provider of the Year

Peter Giesse, Midstate’s 2016 ALS Provider of the Tear

Asa member of a volunteer fire department, we are often asked to do more and more. Dedicate more and more time. To keep giving and giving. Oh, and can you cover 90% of our ems calls.

This year we are going to recognize a gentleman who gives and gives, then helps out some more. A volunteer for over 2 decades serving as a firefighter, EMT, Deputy Chief, Critical Care Technician, husband and father. As if that wasn’t enough, just to make sure his skills stay sharp, he works one day a week at a busy ambulance service.

Although he works the family farm 24/7, it is not uncommon for him to stop mid-job to respond to a life or death EMS call and then return to the farm to finish whatever it was he was doing before the tones went off.

When your fire chief and EMS employer both use words like dedication, role model and mentor, you must be doing something right and leaving a lasting impression.

Please join us in recognizing Critical Care Tech, farmer and friend, Westernville Fire Department member, Peter Giesse