Midstate 2016 Instructor of the Year

Midstate’s 2016 Instructor of the Year, Dick Bishop (Dave and Bob Paddock Accepting)

We are truly blessed in the Midstate Region to have some of the best EMS Instructors. It is easy to see how and why we so few issues in EMS given the caliber of our instructors.

Professional ethics and never settling for second best, this year we recognize a true education professional. Retiring after a career in education, this year we recognize him in his second teaching career.

As an educator, you never really know just how many lives you touch. Educating over 175 Basic students and 110 of them in the past 6 years is an accomplishment!

To memorize airway, breathing and bleeding is simple, to impart i your students, the highest standard of care, compassion and dedication is what a great teacher does.

Juggling a busy schedule including 911 dispatching, volunteer fire fighting, EMT instructor, husband, father and one very proud grandfather is not easy. Yet if a student needs extra help, he s there.

Announcing his second retirement and after teaching EMS classes for over a decade, it is bittersweet that we say thanks to the Midstate Instructor of the Year, Richard Bishop.