Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are once again needed for this year’s Boilermaker!  

We can use all levels of EMS providers, LPNs, RNs, MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs or anyone else who wants to help out.  Volunteers are needed along the course as well as at the 2 med tents!  If you are interested in joining us that day, please email Melissa Lockwood at melissa@midstateems.org.

The volunteer meetings will be held on Thursday, June 28th at 10am, 1pm, and 6:30pm at the Midstate Training Center.

First Responder Training on Field Response to Suspected Synthetic Opioid Threats

Date:   Monday – July 16, 2018              Time:   18:30 – 20:30  

Maynard Fire Department Sta. #1 9500 Maynard Drive Marcy, NY 13403

Course Objectives

Provide first responder partners with critical information to evaluate, triage, and safely decontaminate equipment and personnel in contact with unknown substances suspected of containing synthetic opioids.

Course Trainer

Alan Antenucci, All Hazards Training Coordinator from the Biodefense and Chemical Terrorism Laboratories of the New York State Department of Health Wadsworth Center.

Course Outline

Overview of natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic opioids.

Overview of the synthetic opioid family.

Field Response-

Risks associated with opioid threats

Response planning

Scene assessment

Victim triage

Victim, responder an equipment decontamination

All students must pre-register to japearl18@gmail.com – so we can have a head count.  Any EMS providers will also be able to get two hours CMEs.  See attached flyer.  Thank you.

Midstate EMS Fall Forum

Friday, September 7th at Vernon Downs

An all day conference focusing on EMS and Communications.  The keynote speaker will be Steve Berry of “I’m to an ambulance driver!” fame.

Non-core CME hours will be available for all presentations.

2017 Midstate Quality and Safety Award

Once again, we are recognizing providers and agencies for the day-to-day care they provide.  This year’s Excellence in Quality and Safety is no exception.

This provider has moved up the ranks from Basic to Critical Care to Paramedic.  He well respected by his coworkers and works diligently as a Paramedic Supervisor at his busy, commercial agency. He watches out for his coworkers, making sure all is well throughout his shift.  Always willing to help a new provider become acclimated, or a student a new skill.  Please congratulate his years Quality and Safety award recipient, Anthony Arrigo.

Anthony Arrigo, 2017 Midstate Quality and Safety Award Winner

2017 MVHS Stroke Award’s

This is the first year that MVHS has presented an award for outstanding prehospital stroke care.  We are very lucky to have the Stroke Center, located at the St. Luke’s Campus as part of our region.  With the level of prehospital stroke care that we have in the Midstate Region, it was very hard to wide it down to only call.  So, the Stroke Service had to pick two.

Please congratulate Amber Ross and Andrew Cooney from Vineall Ambulance as well as Khale Davison and Cody Minnig from Prospect Ambulance as this years recipients of the MVHS Stroke Award.

Amber Ross of Vineall Ambulance

Khale Davison of Prospect Ambulance

2017 St. Elizabeth’s Trauma Award

This year’s recipient of the St. Elizabeth’s Trauma award is Paramedic Kyle Sylvester from  SOMAC Ambualnce.

2017 St. Elizabeth’s Trauma Award

2017 Deb Hart Award

For those that didn’t know Deb Hart, she was an early Midstate Director and, along with a few others, helped create the Midstate Region.  Inspiring cooperation and tirelessly worked to improve our EMS System, she stood for all that is good about EMS in the Midstate Region.

Deb was a dedicated volunteer at Central Oneida County which kind of makes this year’s award even more special.

OK let me set the stage:

  • Postage stamps are 15 cents
  • Johnny Carson is on the Tonight Show
  • Post It notes are introduced
  • The Coneheads are on Saturday Night Live
  • Lavern and Shirley and Happy Days are ion tv
  • The first “test tube baby” is born
  • And this years Hart Award recipient becomes a member of COVAC!

The year was 1978.  This is extra special because I know for the first time we are presenting this award to a person that actually did EMS calls with Deb.  A LOT of calls with Deb!

One of the very first Midstate Paramedic’s, a mentor, partner and consistent supporter of EMS please first Thank and help me welcome 40 years or EMS service to our community George Nassar.

2017 Midstate Nurse of Excellence

Each year we recognize a nurse that is considered by EMS providers as an outstanding champion of EMS. We are blessed in the Midstate Region with hard working dedicated nurses that interact with EMS on a daily basis.  For that we are thankful.

Trying to select one that is all that and is just special was not that difficult this year.  Our 2017 Midstate Nurse of the Year has all those qualifications as well as several more. She became a Basic EMT years ago and has maintained her certification to this day and is still actively treating EMS patients.   She also is the Operational Director of her organization and serves on the Board of Directors of one of our volunteer agencies. Over the past few years, she has experienced different medical issues, and yet, she continues on in all her roles.  The success of her agency is in no small part due to her constant oversight and diligence in making sure her EMT’s are trained and ready.

By now most of the room has probably figured out that the Midstate Registered Nurse of Excellence is our one and only,Diann Lynch.

Diann Lynch Midstate 2017 Nurse of Excellence

2017 Midstate Communication Specialist of the Year

Have you ever called 911?  Public Safety Tele-Communicators can be very brisk and direct. They are the first, first response and literally a life line. They are asked to handle pressure from frantic 911 callers, a multitude of responders as well as their bosses

Well tonight we are recognizing a gentleman that has literally been on all three sides. Dispatcher, responder and supervisor.  If anyone knows pressure it has to be our 2017 Midstate Communications specialist.  His emergency service career started 20 years ago with a volunteer fire dept and shortly thereafter as a volunteer with an ambulance service, he started part time dispatching in 2002 and was soon brought on full time the next year.  Today he is a Public Safety Telecommunications Supervisor.

There are many calls providers refer to say nuisance calls, Not our award recipients every call every time handled with professionalism and dedication…EVERY TIME! This year we recognize Herkimer County Tele-Communicator, John Raymond.

John Raymond Midstate 2017 Communication Specialist of the Year

2017 Communication Specialist of the Year

This year we recognize an “unsung EMS hero.”  Someone that may not even recognize himself as a EMS provider.  Are they ever wrong! He is a leader in the truest sense of the word pushing through any obstacles that comes his way, always keeping his “eye on the ball” for the system.

Under his guidance dispatch took on a new role, moving from a simple dispatch to a true communications center, including keeping the most important of the emergency service, EMS, in the forefront.  He ALWAYS does the right thing. He is dogmatic about doing the right thing for his “customers” and staff.

This year we are recognizing one of our own.  He is a previous, long time REMSCO member.  He was able to see past his own area and always looked out for all the Region.

Having taken on numerous challenges throughout his nearly 20 year career with Madison County please congratulate this Midstate Communication Specialist, now retired, Paul Hartnett.  Thank You Paul for all you did for Madison County and Midstate.

Paul Hartnett 2017 Midstate Communication Specialist