2016 Midstate Registered Nurse of Excellence

Midstate’s Registered Nurse of Excellence, Jan DeRocker

Becoming a registered nurse in 1973, this year we are recognizing one of this regions most dedicated and truly caring nurses.

Instrumental in county EMS Education, working on EMS Quality Assurance committees, an active member of the Midstate REMAC, she is never afraid to speak up for EMS providers, nursing staff or simply what’s best for the patient. She has the unique ability to recognize the importance of both sides of the hospital door.

Her “open door” policy and willingness listen to any suggestion makes her one of out approachable team members.

Always looking to foster relationships between the hospital and EMS, she has created a positive, nonjudgemental culture between nursing and EMS.

Anyone that has had the pleasure of working with her has probably already figured out that Jan DeRocker is this years Midstate Registered Nurse of Excellence.