St Luke’s Access North Bound traffic Rt 12 Wednesday July 1

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Utica Regional Office has issued the following traveler advisory for motorist in the City of Utica, Oneida County:

Wednesday morning July 1, 2015 at 9:00AM to 3:00PM Route 12 north ramp to Burrstone Road will be closed to traffic due to the City of Utica Department of Public Works working on a sanitary manhole located along the ramp.

Motorists traveling north on Route 12 are encouraged to use the French Road exit to access Burrstone Road.

St Elizabeth Alternate Entrance During July 4 Parade

UTICA – The City’s Fourth of July parade will begin at Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Saturday, July 4 and proceed north to the Memorial Parkway. Parade staging will begin at 9:30am and the parade itself will begin at 11am. Genesee Street will close to traffic for the parade at 11am until approximately 1pm.

During that time, and for the duration of the parade, ambulances and other emergency vehicles may enter the St. Elizabeth Medical Center (SEMC) campus via Ballantyne Brae.

2014 Midstate Award

Midstate Excellence in EMS Quality and Safety – ONEIDA FIRE DEPT

The excellence in quality and safety is awarded to a person or Agency that dedicates itself to “setting the bar high” and  we are recognizing an Agency that has embraced the terms Quality and Safety.

Not just on the “big” call, everyday day in and day out the Department reviews, critiques and adapts to improve response and care to the citizens and surrounding area. Not stopping there the Department is an active participant in the county and regional quality assurance programs as well.

While we are recognizing an agency the application includes and acknowledges this is not a single entity and it is thanks to the support of the membership, administration and municipal leaders that have made this a successful program.

During 2014 the Agency moved from the Critical Care level of service to a Paramedic service and has added both the ability to send 12 lead ECG’s improving patient outcomes and moved to Electronic Charting allowing instant accurate data collection to help improve the service they provide

Medical Volunteers

BM Logo 2015

Volunteers needed for America’s Greatest 15K Road race.  First Responders, EMT’s AEMT’s Nurses and Physicians contact the EMS Office at 315 738 8351 or email to sign up or for more information

TRANSFER OF CARE Documentation

The Midstate REMAC approved the use of a single page “transfer of care form” (Drop sheet) for Midstate use in 2014.  It is expected that a patient care report will be left with every patient, this form was intended to allow for a quick written record of patient care.  IT IS NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE THE COMPLETED PATIENT CARE RECORD either written or electronic.  Our REMAC agreed to this form with the expectation that a completed form will be at the hospital within 4 hours of the patient arrival.

The week of June 14th to 20th, is New York State Lightning Awareness Week.

The goal of this week is to help the public learn more about the dangers of lightning. It is also a time for emergency management, public and private planning officials, and residents to review their own preparedness plans, and understand what to do, and not do, before and after a lightning strike. We are asking emergency management to help us get the word out on the dangers of lightning to help mitigate loss of life and property.

The National Weather Service in Binghamton will be issuing Public Information Statements (PNS) over the NOAA Weather Wire, internet, social media and NOAA Weather Radio each day of Lightning Awareness Week. These statements are designed to provide information for use by the print and broadcast media, but the information is also suitable to be incorporated into flyers and other circulations.

For additional information on Lightning Safety, check out the following web page:

2015 Spring-Summer: Tales of the East



Last call for Original Critical Care Class, starting Thursday June 11, 6:30PM at Central Oneida County Ambulance, classes are Tuesday and Thursday evening, testing March 2016.  Lab fee of $200 due with registration first night.  Sign up on line or call Bill 738-8351 for details.

2014 Midstate Awards

Advanced Provider of the Year  John Paul Nagy (posthumously)

(and here is part of what was said)

Every year we recognize a provider that has been selected by his peers. Every year the committee struggles with figuring out who “fits” the Advanced provider description best.  This year we received multiple nominations with the same name on it “John Nagy”.

The applications included the following comments; always learning, quality strong provider, born to be a paramedic, always thinking always dreaming, able to work with anyone, treated every patient with dignity and respect, great personality, teacher, great partner and good friend.  John, you left your mark on Midstate EMS community,you dedicated your life to hard work and good fun!  You have touched many more lives than you ever knew.  You served as a Midstate shining star.  John RIP

2014 Midstate EMS Agency of the Year


Chief Tamburrino and the members of the Lake Delta Fire Department are presented with the Midstate EMS Agency of the Year Award for the exceptional efforts they make to their community and our EMS Region.

(Here’s what was said)

Operating any emergency service in 2015 is complicated and difficult, increasing training requirements, increasing costs, decreasing revenues, decreasing volunteers all add to the everyday issues of both career and volunteer services. With EMS accounting for nearly 85% of the Fire Service responses and the ever changing demands that has created, it is great to see some departments step up and do the right thing, embrace EMS as part of their community service.

And Community is what it is all about for Lake Delta, water problems, limbs, fires, water rescue, lost persons EMS calls “neighbors helping neighbors” is the best way to describe this entire department.